Each one upcycled, each one unique

Exseat is an original, contemporary brand that produces upcycled bags and accessories for environmentally conscious, style driven, active people. People who want to conserve nature but don’t want to go without functional, designer accessories.


We embrace the benefits of the circular economy and we are committed to upcycling and requalifying materials coming from decommissioned car interior upholstery, otherwise destined to be demolished and become a waste. Once carefully selected and scrupulously sanitized, these materials are then ready to embark on their second life.


We have developed an innovative bags and backpacks collection distinguished by a very special design able to tell the customer its entire story, starting from the origin. Thinking outside the box, our creations defy labels, and have initiated an unexpected, natural and creative journey.

100% Made in Italy, our production process focuses entirely on quality, artisan manufacture and sustainability.

We are committed to upcycling, converting and requalifying decommissioned materials, reducing at the same time waste production and any negative impact on the environment.

The innovative designs, coupled with attention to detail are the principle characteristics in Exseat’s DNA.

The original combination of different types of fabric and belts create interesting contrast and make each single piece unique.

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