From the idea to the project: the origin of EXSEAT

We are Alice and Alessandro, a young couple with two different backgrounds and one shared vision: we really want to change the way people now interact with nature so that we can continue to admire it in its most authentic forms.


Too often scientific studies deal with biodiversity and natural habitats now close to extinction.

“only in Europe, the 42% of land species have decreased in the last 10 years”

(results research published by the University of Queensland, Wildlife Conservation Society and University of Northern British Columbia, May 2018).


Exseat project sprung from our desire to reverse these terrible trends.


We are aware that sustainable actions such as upcycling and recycling are essential for our life on this planet. In addition, we have always been fascinated by the charm that products of upcycled nature exhibit because they have already their own story but they can also be enriched with new values.


Our ideas were slowly taking shape, but to really get the project off the ground, something is still missing.
So we decided to join forces with Fabrizio and Giovanna, Alice’s parents but also master craftsmen for over 40 years in the leather and footwear sector.


Now, with a clear idea and skilled hands, our team is ready and the history of Exseat can finally begin.