From the idea to the project: the origin of EXSEAT

The history of Exseat connects two generations in a family business situated in Le Marche Region and, more precisely, in Monte Urano.


The desire to found the brand sprung from me, Alice.


Some working experiences related to the world of fashion made me realize that the system based on overproduction and fast sales is very far from my idea of doing business and from my ethics. So I decided to quit my previous job and start my own project.

I am aware that sustainable actions such as upcycling and recycling are essential for our life on this planet. In addition, I have always been fascinated by the charm that products of upcycled nature exhibit because they already have their own story but they can also be enriched with new values.


My ideas were slowly taking shape, but I understood that to really get the project off the ground, something was still missing. Therefore, I decided to join my family business, with more than 40 years of manufacturing experience in the leather and footwear sector.

Now, with a clear idea and skilled hands, the history of Exseat can finally begin!