Our commitment to sustainable fashion

Decommissioned materials recovery changes the way we define “waste”, trasforminig it into a new resource.


This system reduces the use of raw materials and minimizes the disposal of undifferentiated waste with considerable advantages for both health and the environment.


We have chosen to built a short supply chain

Producing locally means that our supply chain is entirely located in our district between the provinces of Fermo and Macerata.

In addition to limiting fuel consumption, this strategy allows us to be in contact every day with other companies in this area, build a very close relationship with them, check the quality during every step of the production and count on their flexibility in the case of small orders or customized deliveries.

 We call them partners, not suppliers.

We have decided to use recycled and recyclable packaging 

All our products are shipped through recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging and tags, produced by companies located in our district.

The eco-friendly packaging tape is made of raw paper with 60% of recycled fibers and it features a solvent-free adhesive that is free from toxic chemicals.

Some advice? Don’t throw away the box just after opening,  it can be reused several times to pack items scattered around the house!

We have selected a responsible forwarding agent

GLS is our trusted partner for express deliveries.

In 2008 it launched the ThinkGreen environmental program with the following objectives: reduction of emissions, responsible handling and use of resources, and waste recycling.

Moreover, thanks to the ThinkSocial program , social initiatives are regularly promoted in all European countries where they are present.

Upcycling process
taglio tessuti da sedili di auto


Cutting of fabric seats and belts is the first step of our recovery process. It requires precision, strenght and attention.

lavaggio e sanificazione di tessiti


All materials are washed and sanitised by using a laundry detergent particularly suitable at low temperatures. It also guarantees the respect of the coloured fibres and prevents bacterial contamination.

asciugatura all'aria aperta di cinture riciclate


We chose an open-air drying process mainly to save a significant amount of energy, but also because fabrics are preserved from moisture and other damages. Finally, this decision ensures us benefits in managing the next phase.

stiraggio ad alto vapore di tessuti riciclati


Ironing allows fiber to become smoother and thanks to the use of steam, all materials will be shiner and disinfected in a natural way.