Our contribution to the green revolution

Exseat innovative project springs from the desire to revolutionize the way in which it is usual to think of an accessory linked to the fashion world.


Our goal is to give life to a sustainable brand with a strong personality, exploiting the benefits of the circular economy and minimizing at the same time environmental impact.


We look to the future with a positive thought and we hope we can actively contribute to change how we interact with nature and make our planet a better place to live.

The name “Exseat” has a double valence and synthesizes the brand philosophy.

In fact, if on one hand the construction of the word ex-seat brings to mind the origin of the materials used, on the other hand, the sound [ˈ ɛksɪt] recalls concepts like openness, novelty and innovation.


The visual image completes its identity by adding the green tailoring scissors. This element is universally acknowledged as a synonym with handcrafted production and its combination with the green color underlines also the desire to convey the concept of sustainability.

exseat rivoluzione green



100% Made in Italy, our production process focuses entirely on quality and sustainability.
An experienced, master craftsman, who is adept at matching raw materials, scrupulously oversees each single production step. They carefully select the most appropriate reinforcements and combine all raw materials to create a stylish finish without compromising the respect of our quality standards.

All our partners involved are located in Italy and in this way we can create a job opportunity for our community, have a greater ease of collaboration with our suppliers and ensure at the same time that the whole chain is healthy and respectful of its own workers.



Committed to upcycling, converting and requalifying decommissioned materials, Exseat strives to reduce waste production and any negative impact on the environment.

Waste management and disposal requires a significant amount of time and resources, whereas regenerating these materials for reuse to make new creations offers many benefits, both for the environment, as well as added value to the end products.

exseat rivoluzione green
exseat rivoluzione green



The innovative designs, coupled with attention to details are the principle characteristics in Exseat’s DNA.
The original combination of different types of fabric and belts create interesting contrast and make each single piece unique.
Right from the drawing board design stage, inspiration for the individual models comes from car interiors, and the stylish, end product truly reflects the origins of the materials.
Based on circular design and inspired also by natural ecosystems where nothing should go to waste, our patterns meets our needs perfectly.



We chose to use the fabrics recovered from decommissioned car interior upholstery especially for the extra benefits they can offer us in terms of versatility and robustness.
Moreover, they are available in different fabrics, patterns and color shades and this allows us to create extraordinary combinations. Thanks also to their original features, they are robust as well as particularly hardwearing and durable.
For all these reasons we think that they are the ideal materials for our creations.

exseat rivoluzione green
Our contribution to the green revolution