Fanny Pack Sepang – blue / bordeaux


Sepang is the name of our fanny pack. It is perfect to wear on different occasions: during the day it is a practical belt bag, but placing the belt underneath the back flap, it turns into a trendy clutch for an aperitif or a night out with friends.

Appearances are often deceptive: even if it is a small accessory, it has nothing to envy to bigger models!

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Interior features of the Sepang fanny pack:

Pocket to store to smaller items
Pocket with zip

External features of the Sepang fanny pack:

Adjustable belt with metal accessory
Zip closure
Back flap to place the belt

Materials of the Sepang fanny pack:

Technical fabrics recovered from decommissioned car interior upholstery
Safety belts

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 16 × 15 × 5.5 cm

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Very beautiful bag, attention to details. Fast shipment. Highly recommended!



I am very happy with my vertical wallet Estori! It is really handy, as I have always desired! Inner pockets are big enough to keep all my things safe! Elastic closure is another point in favor because it is extremely practical while opening and closing my wallet. With my old wallet I usually lost a lot of time and energy trying to match the two parts of the button…at the end I gave up closing it and threw it still open in my bag!


This wallet is fantastic! I use it every day, it is handy and casual!


Good morning Alice! The bag has just arrived! It is very beautiful! Well done, thank you! Everybody loves this bag, both people at home and at work 🙂 I think that you will receive other orders soon! Thank you again



I bought this fanny pack as a Christmas gift for my father, both for the attractive design (modern-sporty-elegant) and for the ethics behind this Made in Italy brand: who would say that this product is made with recycled seat material by car? The fabric is very soft, the look perfect, and the design still leads back to what can be a racing car. 10/10 and more!

In fact, the gift was much appreciated, also because it is small, but very comfortable!

Assistance? Extremely available, very kind even by e-mail, you feel that they care about the customer and the product (very accurate). 10/10

Last thing, I placed the order on Sunday, with slow shipping service… and I  received it immediately on Tuesday! Fast and professional! 10/10


Simply wonderful! This small horizontal wallet has everything you need, it is spacious with high quality workmanship! Highly recommended purchase



I am really happy with the Atlanta shopping bag! For the job it is perfect, you organize all the things inside easily , just find the perfect fit and you will fly. The magnetic closure then is of an impressive comfort, and the shoulder strap does not cut the shoulders … I cannot find defects, I like it too much, for the job it is perfect!